Trust pharmacy team promotes better antibiotic use

The Trust is supporting a national campaign to help cut unnecessary antibiotic use and slow down growing resistance to the vital, often life-saving, drugs.  

The pharmacy team is encouraging staff and members of the public to sign-up to a Public Health England initiative by becoming antibiotic guardians during World Antibiotic Awareness Week this week. When somebody signs-up to the campaign, they can choose a unique pledge based on whether they are a healthcare professional, member of the public or work in academia.

Above: The Trust’s pharmacy team along with other members members of staff, including chief executive Nick Carver and director of nursing Liz Lees, help promote better antibiotic use. 

This week, the Trust’s pharmacy team has been visiting wards at the Lister to raise further awareness of antimicrobial resistance, and to speak to patients and staff about becoming antibiotic guardians.

Ana Patricio, antimicrobial lead pharmacist at the Trust, said:

“Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing healthcare today, which is why we are encouraging people to sign-up to the Antibiotic Guardian campaign and help cut unnecessary antibiotics use. Without antibiotics, many routine and basic procedures will become increasingly dangerous and more infections will become untreatable.

“Resistance to antibiotics occurs when a drug is used unnecessarily, which is why we are working with our patients, to make sure they are taking exactly the prescribed amount of antibiotics, not saving them for a later date or sharing them with others. Antibiotics also don’t work against infections such as a cold, as they’re caused by viruses.”