Free Baby Boxes help give babies best start in life

Families at the Lister’s maternity unit will receive a free Baby Box, used as a safe space for newborns to sleep during the first few months of their lives.

The Baby Boxes, provided by The Baby Box Co., are being used by the Trust to support a national initiative looking to reduce the number of still births and neonatal deaths over the next five years.

In order to receive a free Baby Box, expecting parents will need to complete the Hertfordshire syllabus on the Baby Box University website, where they can access a wealth of information and educational videos about important antenatal and neonatal care. Once they have completed the syllabus, they will receive a certificate that can be redeemed for their free box.

Above: The Trust’s head of midwifery Katie Chilton (left) and consultant midwife Rose Bedford with one of the boxes. 

The boxes include a waterproof foam mattress, cotton sheet, and other useful baby products. The boxes comply fully with EU/UK standard for cribs and cradles.

Katie Chilton, the Trust’s head of midwifery, said:

“We’re thankful to The Baby Box Co. for helping us launch their free Baby Box programme at the Trust. Not only is it important for newborns to be given a safe space to sleep during their first few months, the educational videos that we have made available through the Baby Box University website will help us reduce still births and neonatal deaths as part of the wider national initiative.”

Jennifer Clary, the chief executive of The Baby Box Co., said:

“We are delighted to launch our free Baby Box programme at the Trust, which will benefit families across Hertfordshire. Our Baby Box outreach is not simply about offering every baby a safe place to sleep, but the Baby Box University is also an all-encompassing programme that offers parental engagement, education and aims to unite the whole community – offering every child a safe and supported start in life.”

The Baby Box Co. has committed to only using people’s contact details to send the Baby Boxes out and this information will not be used for any other purpose.