Get up, get dressed and keep active!

The Trust is supporting the end pyjama paralysis campaign, which encourages inpatients on wards to get up, get dressed and keep moving to help maintain their muscle strength and improve recovery times.

For every ten days of bed rest in hospital, the equivalent of ten years of muscle ageing occurs in people aged over 80. Building back muscle strength takes twice as long as it does to deteriorate and a significant loss may make it difficult to climb stairs, get out of bed or stand up unaided.

Carolyn Fowler, the Trust’s deputy director of nursing, said:

“We know that if a patient is more active and sticks to a normal daily routine as much as possible, then their stay in hospital will likely be shorter than it would if they stayed in bed for long periods of time. This is why we’re encouraging patients, both young and old, to change out of their pyjamas and keep active when they’re well enough to do so.

“If you know you’re coming into hospital, please bring a change of comfortable, loose-fitting clothes with you. Ask your relatives, friends or carers to take home any clothing that needs to be cleaned and bring in fresh clothes for you to wear. We know that this campaign won’t suit everybody, but staff will be happy to help you wash, get dressed and go to the bathroom if you want to stay active and need some support.”