Maternity staff raise funds to create new relaxation room for women

Staff in the midwifery-led unit at the Lister have created a ‘relaxation room’, to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for women in the early stages of labour.

The team raised money through raffles and coffee sales to help transform the room. They added a mural, purchased mood lighting and a CD player. A treatment couch was also donated by a member of staff.

Above: Maternity staff in the new relaxation room

Katie Chilton, head of midwifery at the Trust, said:

“We’ve never had a room like this in our maternity department at the Trust before and it’s a great addition to the unit. I’d like to thank all those who gave donations and helped us raise the money we needed.

“We’re looking at improving the room further through working with a number of local organisations. For example, pupils from a local school are creating a room divide and some more art work to go on to the walls.

“It started out as a small idea amongst staff, but has now turned into something both our colleagues and women love using. We now have a separate space that allows us to practice a number of new treatments and birthing techniques.”