Latest CQC A&E patient experience survey shows real improvement

Patients who took part in the Care Quality Commission’s national survey of NHS emergency departments reported improvements in 31 out of 35 categories for the Trust’s services compared to the last set of survey results for 2014.  Several hundred people locally responded to the CQC, which sent surveyed patients who used the service in October 2016.

The survey covered a range of areas, including: arrival at the emergency department; waiting times; doctors and nurses; care and treatment; diagnostic tests; the hospital’s environment and facilities; leaving the emergency department; respect and dignity; and overall experience.

Liz Lees – the Trust’s director of nursing, who also leads on patient experience – said:

“It is very heartening to see that all the hard work of our emergency department staff over the last couple of years has begun to pay off. The CQC’s 2016 survey reported improvements in virtually every aspect of the services provided to patients compared to the results from 2014.  Out of the 35 areas on which people fed back their experiences, we saw improvements in 31, with a further one remaining the same as reported in 2014.

“There was only one area – ambulance crews handover – where the Trust performed significantly worse than in 2014.  The CQC’s latest survey, which took place in October 2016, happened before quite dramatic improvements were made to handover times earlier this year, taking the Trust from one of the poorest performers to the best in the region.”

Reflecting on the 2016 survey results, the Trust’s chief executive, Nick Carver, said:

“Whilst we continue to focus on improving performance within our emergency department services, including waiting times, it’s clear from this latest survey that our patients have seen real improvements in the quality of care provided by our doctors and nurses.  These results are in line with feedback that we have been getting for some time from patients directly through a variety of means – including social media and our Friends and Family Test survey scores.  As ever, there is always more to do but this latest CQC survey shows that we are moving in the right direction.”

The Trust’s emergency department team manages the Lister’s emergency department, which includes an urgent care centre, and the 24/7 urgent care centre at the New QEII hospital. For this latest survey, the CQC approached people who had used the Trust’s emergency department services during October 2016, of whom 321 responded (a response rate of just over 26%). 

Full details of the 2016 survey can be found on the Care Quality Commission’s website.