New tilting chairs help patients recover quicker thanks to East and North Herts Hospitals’ Charity

The Trust has purchased three new tilting chairs to help patients on the Lister’s orthopaedic wards recover more quickly, thanks to the Trust charity.

The tilting chairs are used by staff on wards 5A and 5B to help get patients out of bed and be more active earlier in their recovery – which often leads to a reduced stay in hospital and less inpatient falls.  

Above: Matron Tania Taylor with one of the new specialist chairs

Although the Trust owned two of these specialist chairs already, others were being hired at a cost of £16,000 a year to cope with rising demand. Working with the Trust’s charity, the orthopaedic team bought three additional chairs, saving the Trust money.

Tania Taylor, matron for trauma and orthopaedics at the Lister, said:

“The purchase of these new chairs is a fantastic step forward and it ensures that we have the best equipment available for our patients. They will allow us to support patients, such as those with a debilitating condition or those recovering from surgery, with their rehabilitation as quickly as possible – which will help reduce their length of stay in hospital.”

If you would like more information about how to support your local hospital by donating to our charity, please visit the Trust website.