Trust prepares to roll-out new electronic patient record computer system

Friday, 8 September sees the Trust roll out its new electronic patient record computer system, which will replace an old service that needs to be replaced.  The new system – called Lorenzo – will allow the Trust’s staff to have improved access to information about their patients in real-time, which in turn will support clinical decisions being made more quickly.  Recording of information relating to patients will also be made easier.

During the roll-out period, which will be from 8 to 11 September, the Trust’s staff – who have been undertaking specialist training in how to use the new system for many weeks now – will be getting used to using Lorenzo whilst caring for their patients.  Although the Trust has put very detailed plans in to place to help minimise disruption to patients, some may have longer waits to be seen during this period.

The Trust’s chief executive, Nick Carver, said:

“Introducing a new computerised system brings many challenges, which is why we have been planning for this roll-out for a long time.  The plans that we are putting in place have been designed to minimise disruption in the launch of a system that has been tried and tested in other NHS hospitals across the country already.  Whilst it may take our staff a while to get familiar with using Lorenzo in patient settings, we are hoping that any delays experienced by our patients will be kept to a minimum.  We will be very grateful for their understanding and support over the next few days as the system is rolled out across the Trust.”

In addition to Lorenzo, the Trust has also launched a new electronic patient observations system called Nervecentre in many parts of its hospitals.  This allows clinical staff to enter observations about their patients, such as blood pressure and temperature readings.  Not only does Nervecentre do away with traditional hand-written charts, it supports the automatic escalation of patients who are at risk of deteriorating and need urgent review.