Mount Vernon Cancer Centre scores well in national hospital environment survey

The latest patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) survey scores published nationally show that the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre has improved on the scores it achieved back in 2015. The ratings, which are out of a maximum of 100% were:

  • Cleanliness – 99.29% (compared to 92.06% in 2015)
  • Food, especially that served to patients – 87.5% (85.34%)
  • Patient privacy, dignity and well-being – 80.83% (80.03%)
  • Support for people with dementia – 70.56% (62.7%)
  • Support for people with disabilities – 82.69% (not measured in 2015)
  • General condition, appearance and maintenance of hospital buildings – 93.15% (91.9%)

Commenting on the results, the Trust’s director of nursing, Liz Lees, said:

“The environment in which patients receive their care can have a big impact on their experience of our clinical services. The latest annual PLACE survey scores at the cancer centre is encouraging. Whilst there is always more to be done, this shows the continuing improvements being made at Mount Vernon when it comes to making sure that our patients get the high quality care that they need.”

Every NHS patient should be cared for with compassion and dignity in a clean, safe environment. PLACE assessments provide motivation for improvement by providing a clear message, directly from patients, about how the environment or services might be enhanced. The assessments see local people being asked to go into hospitals as part of teams to assess how the environment supports patient’s privacy and dignity, food, cleanliness and general building maintenance. It focuses entirely on the care environment and does not cover clinical care provision or how well staff are doing their job.