Lister’s pneumatic tube system saves porters walking 285 miles every week

The Lister’s pneumatic tube system saves a porter around 285 miles of walking every week between the emergency department and the hospital’s laboratories.

Roughly 684 cylindrical pods are sent through the Lister’s pneumatic tube system every day. They are used to transport urgent pathology samples, deliver catering request cards and send medications across the site. The tube network is split into three separate zones that connect ward areas and the emergency department with pathology and pharmacy. Each pod travels at a speed of around 7mph, with an average journey taking about 2.5 minutes.

Above: A member of the Trust’s pathology team with one of the cylindrical pods.

Talking about the system, the Trust’s director of estates and facilities, Dean Goodrum, said:

“The system provides an extremely important service for our staff. Now the system has been upgraded, four pods can be in transit at any given time – which has improved our efficiency and allowed for patients to be treated more quickly, particularly within the emergency department.”

The Trust’s emergency department team is one of the biggest users of the system, accounting for nearly 40% of usage. In a two-week period alone, the emergency department team send 3,665 pods through the tube system, saving the portering team 152 hours and 30 minutes each week.