Diabetic eye screening team earns Purple Star for supporting people with learning disabilities

The Trust’s diabetic eye screening team has earned a Purple Star for supporting people with learning disabilities.

Purple star award

The Purple Star, awarded by Hertfordshire County Council’s Purple Star strategy team, is earned for the delivery of high quality services that have been adjusted reasonably for adults with learning disabilities. The Trust’s diabetic eye screening team with the training needed to meet the accreditation requirements.

To earn the Star, services need to meet a number of standards set out in the Purple Star Promise, including the:

• Promotion and use of the Purple Folders – where patients with learning disabilities record health information about themselves, including their likes, how they want to be addressed, approached, what makes them happy and what makes them scared;
• Production and use of accessible information – such as easy read leaflets, signage and letter;
• Ability to demonstrate the awareness, recording and reporting of safeguarding concerns.

Reflecting on the team’s achievement, the Trust’s director of nursing, Liz Lees, said:

“Visiting hospital can be a stressful and difficult time for adults with learning disabilities and their carers. The diabetic eye screening team has worked hard in conjunction with Hertfordshire County Council to provide a service that gives excellent care to adults with learning disabilities in Hertfordshire. I am delighted to see that their efforts have been rewarded with a Purple Star.”

The Trust’s programme manager for diabetic eye screening, Sue Oliver, said:

“The diabetic eye screening programme aims to reduce the risk of sight loss amongst people with diabetes, by allowing a quick diagnosis of sight-threatening retinopathy. We have a number of patients with learning disabilities who require extra support when they visit hospital. We know that adults with learning disabilities are more likely to have poorer health outcomes, so the work my team has done has helped make the programme more accessible to all. I am proud of my team and I would like to congratulate them for achieving the Purple Star.”

Megan Roberts, Purple Star Strategy nurse, said:

“It is an absolutely amazing achievement for the team and they have worked incredibly hard to make sure the care they provide is reasonably adjusted for adults with learning disabilities. This means that adults with learning disabilities are able to get the health care they need. The team is committed, kind and welcoming individuals and it has been a pleasure to work with them.”