Lister doctor self-publishes poetry book

What do doctors do in their spare time? In the case of one Lister doctor, John Ndikum, he writes poetry and has recently self-published his first book Words of a Feather.

John, a junior doctor specialising in internal medicine, began writing the book in 2010. The four-part collection of poems was released on 31 August 2016, through Trafford Publishing.

Dr John Ndikum

Above: Dr Ndikum holding a copy of his newly self-published book Words of a Feather

Speaking about the book, John said:

“I began writing it as I was going through quite a difficult time. An empathetic colleague told me that I should continue creating poetry as a way to get through that rough patch.

“The poems were written as they came to me, sometimes after work and frequently on public transport. Occasionally, they would arrive in the shower, forcing me to leap out and rapidly write down whatever words came into my head.

“The book is available now from Amazon, Trafford Publishing and Barnes and Noble.”

John published his first poem aged 13. He went on to win the Bedfordshire section of the Future Writers (Remus House) poetry competition when he was a teenager.

You can listen to selected poems from the book read by Dr Ndikum on the Trust’s YouTube channel.