New renal services at the Lister result in better patient experience

Following an investment of £133,500, of which £127,000 came from charitable donations, the Trust’s renal team ward 6B at the Lister now has access to two important new facilities:

• The ward’s own acute renal dialysis unit, which has four haemodialysis stations;
• A new renal intervention and treatment area, located alongside the ward

Lister's new renal services - photo 1

Although renal dialysis has been provided on ward 6B previously, often this was done at a patient’s bedside. Now the team has the use of its own dedicated unit that has been created within the ward itself, offering unwell patients much greater privacy and dignity when undergoing life-saving dialysis. The new renal intervention and treatment area – known as RITA for short – offers a new, purpose-built setting where people can undergo day case procedures, for example renal biopsies and the insertion of central lines, as well as urgent follow-ups for those who have been discharged.

The Trust’s clinical director for renal medicine, Dr Suresh Mathavakkannan, said:

“We are very grateful to the many generous people, including one substantial legacy, who over recent years have donated money to our charitable fund to support these important developments. To have our own dedicated dialysis unit on ward 6B at the Lister means that our unwell patients can be dialysed in a much better environment. Not only is this good for them, but also for the other patients on the ward as dialysis equipment can be noisy at times. The new unit will have sufficient capacity to support up to 12 patients every day, thus reducing the need for patients to have to be taken downstairs to the hospital’s main dialysis unit.”

“The creation of our new renal intervention and treatment area, which is located just outside the entrance to ward 6B, means that those patients who have been discharged but require urgent follow-up can now be seen in specialist surroundings. This unit is also where we can undertake renal biopsies or insert central lines needed to support regular dialysis. To be able to carry out these tasks away from the main ward is better for our patients and also makes more efficient use of our beds.”

Lister's new renal services - photo 2

Attending the launch’s formal opening in early October, the Trust’s chief executive, Nick Carver, said:

“These enhancements to the Trust’s inpatient renal medicine services ensure that we continue to provide our patients with better care, as well as improved experience. Our thanks go out to all those who made donations, both large and small, to the charitable fund used to ensure that these two new developments could happen. Some £127,000 of the £133,500 cost came from donors, to whom we are very grateful – including the East and North Herts Hospitals Charity without whose support, this project would have not been possible.”

The Trust’s head of charity, Joanne Burnham, said:

“The renal team is keen to enhance further the experience of its patients at the Lister and associated renal satellite units. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out how you can support the team’s ambitions, please do get in touch. I can be contacted via or 01438 285182.”