Plenty to be proud of week – day 5

Putting our patients first

In June 2015, numerous departments at the Lister were flooded due to a prolonged spell of heavy rain – with some areas covered by a foot of water. There was real concern amongst senior management that clinical activities would be disrupted severely, with the paediatric emergency department and the renal unit worst affected.

The renal unit had several inches of standing water, which meant its dialysis stations were out of action – with dozens of patients due to receive treatment the following day. The G4S and estates team were quickly on the scene, arriving in the early hours of the morning to tackle the flood and make sure clinical areas were ready for patients the next morning. The team recognised the impact such an event could have on patients and their main priority was to ensure any disruption was minimised.

Due to the incredible efforts of both teams, the renal unit was available to see its first patients by 9:45am, with only two patients diverted to our Luton satellite dialysis unit.


High quality and timely care for sleep disorders

The respiratory and sleep disorder unit is now in its fifth year. The team delivers both sleep diagnostics and home continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) services.

The service was built on reviews and visits to other sleep centres across the county. The team took the best aspects of those services and created a unit that is patient focused and flexible enough to accommodate the need for everyone in their care.

They receive excellent feedback, scoring 97% in the Friends and Family Test (FFT) during April before achieving 100% one month on. Patients feel supported through difficult times and they find the service to be swift and efficient, which is particularly important for those who drive for a living, who are often told they cannot drive when they receive their diagnosis. In 2015, a survey saw 85% of patients rate the unit as excellent.

MVCC charitable fund

As part of the East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity, Liz Hizil and Marianne Louca have established and embedded the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (MVCC) charitable fund as a valued service across the whole of MVCC, earning the support of patients and colleagues alike.

The fundraising team supports all colleagues and departments at the cancer centre in enhancing and improving patient experience. They have helped raise money successfully for clinical equipment like stethoscopes, brachytherapy dosimeters that are used to measure accurately and inform treatment of cancer, and precision equipment used for detecting cancer at an early stage.

Recently, they’ve also supported Army Air Corps officer and MVCC patient Andy Harding with raising money for the charitable fund. Mr Harding took part in the Pathfinder March in June, with all the money raised going to the cancer centre. His battle with cancer and fundraising activities made national news (featured in the Express).

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