Plenty to be proud of week – day 2

Today is day 2 of plenty to be proud of week – featuring the Trust’s enhanced dementia support team and the resourcing team. 

Enhanced care team

In order to provide a higher level of care for patients with dementia and mental health challenges, the Trust has developed an internal support team (available 24/7) that is made up of specially trained staff who care for patients that are confused or agitated.

The team began in January this year and the staff involved have had specialist training in dementia and delirium – allowing them to provide a higher standard of support to patients that require enhanced care. They ensure patients have all their hygiene needs met, are well nourished and hydrated, and that they have all their dislikes, interests and hobbies documented. They keep up to date, accurate records of all the patient’s needs and they will provide advice to the ward teams to ensure consistency of care.

The team has played a vital part in supporting patients’ suffering with dementia and mental health challenges. They work together with dementia specialist nurses to ensure the most vulnerable patients receive the highest standard of care and are treated with compassion and dignity, whilst maintaining their safety. The team is continuing to improve their service, looking at new and innovative ways of working to keep patients free from harm.

Enhanced care team

Resourcing team

The NHS employs around 1.4 million people; this is approximately one in 23 of the working population. The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has a team of over 5,400 dedicated individuals, working together to deliver great services locally.

The resourcing team at the Trust has 133 years of loyal service combined. They are not only responsible for recruiting over 1,200 new starters annually, but they also manage 1,254 changes to people’s working hours, location and pay.

The labour market is changing constantly; adapting to it is a challenge that the resourcing team has embraced. It ensures that successful candidates are appointed as fast and as safely as possible, by implementing a recruitment strategy that uses multiple channels to help find the right candidates.

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