Plenty to be proud of week – day 1

This week is plenty to be proud of week – a week dedicated to celebrating the achievements of colleagues working at the Trust. Each day this week, we’ll be sharing our own stories and successes.

One man and his dog

A patient was brought to the cardiac suite at the Lister from the New QEII after suffering chest pains whilst gardening at home. Due to the seriousness of his condition, he had to leave his dog Winston locked in his car – and didn’t have any friends or relatives available to help.

After the patient was told he would have to stay in hospital for 48 hours, all he could worry about was Winston. Seeing the distress this was causing the patient, senior radiographer Christopher Howden travelled to the New QEII to pick up Winston and look after him until his owner was well enough to return home.

Winston the dog

Health records

After a challenging couple of years consolidating three off-site departments into one main facility, the Trust’s health records team is now performing better than ever. Health records staff have embraced the moves – with many of them changing their working locations, commutes and hours.

They have come together as a team, continuously improving their monthly performance. In August 2016, 91.6% of emergency admission case notes were made available to clinical staff within 24 hours – an increase of 7.6% compared to last year. The team has also reduced the number of temporary files in use for outpatients, elective admissions and ophthalmology (both admissions and outpatients).

Part of their success can be attributed to both team spirit and the support from other colleagues outside of the department.

Upon reflecting on the department’s performance over the last few years, health records manger Tracy Grant said:

“The team has really come together to support one another, both inside and outside of the workplace. They now take part in after work running and cycling clubs, and they often involve themselves with a number of charity events.

“Our biggest supporter has been Dr Tim Walker. Tim has supported and motivated all the health records staff, from the initial consolidation planning to the moves themselves. His passion is what has made us develop as a team and we couldn’t have done it without him.”

Health Records

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