Hospital celebrates long serving staff and volunteers

Last Friday, staff and volunteers from the Lister, QEII and Hertford County hospitals, and the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, celebrated those staff who have worked for the Trust for more than 25 years.  There were also two very special volunteers who have been lending a helping hand for more than 20 years each.  Staff and volunteers who played a significant role in the recent changes at the Lister and QEII were also invited in recognition of the huge efforts that have gone into transforming both hospitals.

Long-serving Trust staff and volunteers

Nick Carver, chief executive said: “We have many wonderful staff and volunteers who have worked  with us for many years, caring for patients or supporting those who do. It was wonderful to thank  them in person for their efforts over the last quarter-century. I was also absolutely delighted to  recognise two of our very special volunteers – Patricia Smith and Margaret Simmonds – who have  given their time freely to help our hospitals and patients for over 20 years. Their support – and that  of our other volunteers – is simply tremendous.

“We also made time to thank some of the wider team who have put so much of their time and effort – often whilst also doing their day jobs – into making sure the changes that recently took place at the Lister and the QEII went smoothly. We have invested £150 million at the Lister in new and improved services, and we could not have done this without a great deal of goodwill from our wonderful team, so it seems right to thank them too for all their hard work.”