Lister’s new £20.5 million endoscopy and day surgery centre set to open from 23 September

The Lister’s new £20.5 million endoscopy and day surgery centre, which is being built as an extension to the current theatres block towards the rear of hospital, will see its first patients being treated from 23 September 2014.

The new centre provides the Trust with a compliant, modern, fit-for-purpose endoscopy unit on the ground level of the new building containing a suite of four endoscopy rooms and a dedicated decontamination facility. Three of the endoscopy rooms will be suitable for radiological intervention. The new centre will complement the endoscopy service that will continue to be provided at the QEII hospital as well, which will move in the New QEII hospital when it opens in Spring 2015.

The first floor of the new centre at the Lister sees a dedicated day surgery service being created containing two operating theatres and a recovery area for patients. Also on the first floor are new inpatient laminar flow operating theatres, which are linked directly to the Lister’s existing inpatient theatres complex.