Lister’s new £20.5 million endoscopy and day surgery centre set to open from 23 September

The Lister’s new £20.5 million endoscopy and day surgery centre, which is being built as an extension to the current theatres block towards the rear of hospital, will see its first patients being treated from 23 September 2014.

New operating theatre at the Lister waiting for first patients - 2

The new centre provides the Trust with a compliant, modern, fit-for-purpose endoscopy unit on the  ground level of the new building containing a suite of four endoscopy rooms and a dedicated  decontamination facility. Three of the endoscopy rooms will be suitable for radiological  intervention. The new centre will complement the endoscopy service that will continue to be  provided at the QEII hospital as well, which will move in the New QEII hospital when it opens in  Spring 2015.

The first floor of the new centre at the Lister sees a dedicated day surgery service being created  containing two operating theatres and a recovery area for patients. Also on the first floor are new  inpatient laminar flow operating theatres, which are linked directly to the Lister’s existing inpatient theatres complex.

To improve integration with the Lister’s existing theatres services, the new laminar flow operating facilities will make use of the existing hospital’s current recovery room – which has been expanded and refurbished to accommodate the additional patients that will need to use the facility. They are also located close to the Trust’s new admissions unit, which helps to streamline the process for patients.

Following the opening of the new facility, there are now 17 operating theatres at the Lister, as well as those in the Trust’s Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit. Of these 17 theatres, 14 will be devoted to patients requiring planned operations, with the remaining three for emergency work. This should mean that fewer planned operations get cancelled due to emergency cases needing to be prioritised. The new endoscopy rooms will be able to undertake 6,000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures per year.

Patient recovery area in Lister's new day surgery unit ready for patients

The new endoscopy and day surgery centre is one of 11 projects that form part of the fourth and final  phase of the Trust’s overall £150 million transformation of the Lister. Each project is on track to be  completed by October 2014, which is when the Lister will become the main centre for inpatient and  emergency services for all of east and north Hertfordshire, as well as parts of Bedfordshire. At the  same time, the East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group will be creating the New  QEII Hospital, which will provide a wide range of outpatient, diagnostic and ante natal services, as  well as 24/7 Urgent Care Centre for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses.

Other major projects that form part of the Lister’s phase four redevelopment include:

• £19.5 million emergency department – construction under way, with new wing open and refurbishment of parts of old department under way. Main project due for completion 8 October 2014, with new CT scanning service to be ready by 1 December 2014;
• £18.6 million new ward block, with acute medical unit on the ground floor and first floor being the Trust’s acute cardiac unit (completed July 2014);
• £2.1 million critical care unit expansion (completed November 2012)
• £2.2 million refurbishment of ward 11A (completed October 2011)
• £0.9 million ward 7A refurbishment (completed December 2012)