Lister’s neonatal unit wins top national award

The wonderful team of dedicated doctors, nurses and support staff at the Lister’s neonatal unit received the Outstanding Neonatal Team Of The Year from Mother and Baby magazine, Britain’s number one parenting magazine.

The winning entry, from mum Jenny Lewis, read: ‘My son spent five weeks in the unit, and we were thrust into the scary world of having a premature baby at lightning speed. But the staff were incredible. We were included in our baby’s care from the very beginning, and I started changing nappies and doing feeds while my son was still in intensive care. Every member of staff was friendly and helpful, from the cleaners and support staff right through to doctors, nurses and management. The team does an outstanding job at helping our babies grow – and us to feel like parents.’


Our brilliant team celebrate winning the ‘Outstanding neonatal team’ award

Deloris Brown, matron for the unit said, “We are so thrilled to receive this award. My team work so hard and are completely committed – not just to the babies they care for – but to the families of the babies as well.”

Mother and Baby editor, Claire Irvin said, ‘Everyone who works with premature babies does an incredible job. We were particularly moved by the nomination of the Lister for the way the team supports new parents as well as caring for their babies, making information clear and accessible as well as involving them in their child’s care as early as possible.’