Embroiderers bring delight to hospital chapel visitors

The Hertfordshire Embroiderer’s Guild, based in St Albans, is a friendly group of like-minded needlewomen. After some of their members received wonderful NHS care for themselves and their families, they decided to turn their needles to producing something beautiful for the Lister hospital.Chapel embroidery

Caroline Walford, from the Guild, said, ‘Many of our members have contributed their love of embroidery by producing the squares to make the wall hanging, which were created on the theme of Hertfordshire. The piece has been very well received, and it is our sincere hope that this piece of textile art, which can be found in the hospital chapel, will provide food for thought and bring a sense of joy and support. This is our way of saying thank you to the hospital, expressing threads of gratitude, and hopefully helping those who find themselves in the Chapel.’

Jane Hatton, Anglican chaplain at the Lister, said, ‘This is a truly beautiful piece of work, for which we are very grateful. Our chapel is a quiet space, open to people of all faiths who might need some time to think or pray. This wall hanging encourages us to stop and gaze, and to just “be”. It has been said that this is a new heritage piece for Hertfordshire, so we are very privileged to give it a home.’

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