Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit rated highly by mothers in national survey

As part of a national survey conducted earlier this year on behalf of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), women who had their babies at the Lister’s Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit in February 2013 were asked about their experiences.

Of the 44 areas covered in the survey, the Trust was rated being amongst the best performing in the NHS for:

  • Treated with respect and dignity during labour and birth;
  • Given appropriate advice at start of labour;
  • Skin-to-skin contact with baby.

The maternity service was viewed as performing as expected in a further 36 areas, but mothers did suggest that the Trust’s ante/post natal and community midwifery services needed to improve.

Reflecting on survey’s results, the Trust’s director of nursing, Angela Thompson, said: “We’ve known for some time that mothers and their families have really liked the services provided in our Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit at the Lister. That’s reflected in the dramatic fall in complaints, along with a corresponding rise in compliments, since this fantastic new facility opened in October 2011.”

The CQC published the results of the 2013 survey of women’s experiences of maternity care in England on 11 December 2013, having received responses from more than 23,000 women across England who had a baby in February this year. The survey covers all aspects of maternity provision – antenatal care, care during labour and birth and post-natal care.