Stevenage MP opens new £3.0 million Lister Scanning Centre

Stevenage MP, Stephen McPartland, has opened the new £3.0 million Lister Scanning Centre, which houses two state-of-the-art CT scanners – which complement one another in terms of their scanning capabilities – and an MRI scanner. A second MRI scanner is also in the process of being installed in an extension to the Scanning Centre being created currently as part of the Lister’s £150 million transformation in to the Trust’s main hospital for emergency and inpatient care by the end of 2014.

Between them the Centre’s two CT scanners provide high quality imaging for patients, including for those with cancers and strokes, as well as for emergency scans. One of the scanners also complies with national guidance required to carry out cardiac CT scans and the technology used allows for a reduction in the radiation dose given – an increasingly important consideration.

Once installed by Autumn 2013, the Centre’s second MRI scanner will work alongside the existing service, but with the added advantage that it will have better facilities for patients who require sedation or anaesthesia. It will also provide faster and improved quality of imaging in a number of areas, including for children who need head scans and cardiac patients. It will also allow the Trust to perform scans on some 100 or so patients who travel to London currently for these procedures to be carried out.

Currently the Lister Scanning Centre sees about 24,000 patients a year – but this is set to rise as the demand for CT and MRI scans increases. Currently the QEII has a CT and an MRI scanner – a facility that will be retained when the New QEII Hospitals opens in Spring 2015.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, said:
“It is a great pleasure to be given the opportunity to open the new scanning centre and see the equipment first hand. It is an amazing experience to see projects I am fighting for in Parliament built and ready to use by staff and patients. The Lister hospital is a centre of clinical excellence and the £150 million investment we are making is creating one of the most advanced and modern hospitals in the UK here in Stevenage. I am proud of our local NHS and proud of the staff who work as a team to improve the experience of patients and their families every single day.”

The Trust’s chief executive, Nick Carver, said:
“In many ways the creation of the Lister Scanning Centre is representative of the wider transformation and changes being made at the hospital currently. The Centre was created in a phased approach because the radiology team needed to keep its service going whilst the building, refurbishment and installation work was underway. The team has also taken advantage of the latest technology to both improve the range and quality of services provided to patients, but also to enhance patient experience at the same time.

“We are also delighted that Stephen McPartland was our guest of honour today. His support of the Trust’s hospitals, services and our staff over the last few years has been much appreciated and we were pleased that he has been able to return to see the Lister Scanning Centre all but completed following a visit he made last year.

“The new Centre allows the Trust, in conjunction with the service based at the QEII hospital, to cope with the growing demand for scanning, whilst at the same time continuing to meeting patient diagnostic waiting times and other standards. In particular, the Centre allows the Trust to balance the need for increased emergency scanning, especially for stroke and cardiac patients, along with planned activity.

Mr Carver continued:
“Importantly the new scanning equipment enables the Trust’s radiology staff to provide scanning that reduces significantly the dose of radiation received by each patient. The service enhancements have also supported the Trust in becoming one of the first in the country to introduce dedicated cardiac and colonography services – and remains one of only a handful of NHS organisations across England to offer them.”