Trust Board

Our board is responsible for making sure we provide the best care for our patients in safe and clean surroundings. They do this by making the key decisions that affect our hospitals and setting the values, aims and strategic direction for our Trust. They also review our performance against our objectives as well as national targets. It is their responsibility to make sure we have the financial and human resources we need to provide our service. Our Board has:

  • A non-executive chairman
  • Six non-executive directors
  • Five executive directors – chief executive and our directors of medicine, nursing, finance and operations

We have two executive directors who attend board meetings without voting rights – our directors of human resources and strategic development.

Our chair and non-executive directors are appointed by NHS Improvement.  Our non-executive directors are chosen for their experience and links with the local community. They work with us for four years, and can sometimes be re-appointed for a further four years.

Members of the public are welcome to attend our Trust Board meetings as we realise that our community is interested in the work we do.

While Trust Board meetings are held in public they are not public meetings. However, the Board is keen to seek input from the community and sets aside time at the start of each meeting for members of the public to make statements or ask questions. 

Asking questions

If you would like to ask a question we ask that you submit it to the Secretary at least 48 hours before the start of the meeting (details below). Normally each person will be allowed to make just one statement or ask one question under the agenda item entitled Questions from the Public. Occasionally the chair of the meeting will allow a question to be asked without notice being given in advance, although the Trust will try to answer this some information may not be immediately available and we may need to respond to you in writing after the meeting. The chair may also decide to vary the procedures to allow additional questions or questions/comments at other points of the meeting at their discretion. 

If you would like more information or to submit a question or statement, please contact the Trust’s Company Secretary, Jude Archer by email (, phone (01438 285454) or writing to Company Secretary, Lister Hospital, Coreys Mill Lane, Stevenage, SG1 4AB. 

Board directors’ expenses

The Trust Board has agreed to publish the expenses claimed by the Trust’s board directors – executives and non-executives. Starting with 2009/10, this information is published retrospectively on a quarterly basis.

Expenses claimed

Whilst we only publish Board directors’ expenses data on our website covering the last 24 months, we do keep an archive dating back to 2009. To access our archive please contact with your request.

Register of interests and hospitality register

Trust spending over £25,000

In line with Government policy, the Trust is required to publish expenditure data on individual items and services in excess of £25,000. This data is published monthly in arrears. For more information on the national Opening up Government initiative, please go to:

Transactions over £25,000
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Whilst we only publish expenditure data on our website covering the last 24 months, we do keep an archive dating back to April 2010. To access our archive please contact with your request.