Sustainability for the future

Our Trust recognises the need for a Sustainable Development Strategy which focuses on the long-term improvements including;

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Better health and reduced inequalities
  • Improved service provision
  • Good community role model and supporter of the local economy;
  • Excellent value for money

These features need to be integral to the delivery of our strategic corporate objectives.

As a major employer, purchaser of goods and commissioner of services our role is to promote sustainability and actively contribute to the Government’s sustainable development agenda. To ensure that our Trust can actively contribute to this, our own sustainability agenda will be guided by the Government’s five guiding principles as outlined in the UK Strategy for Sustainable Development, which include:

  • Working within the environmental limits
  • Ensuring a strong, healthy and fair community
  • Contributing to a sustainable local economy
  • Promoting good governance
  • Using sound science responsibly

A five-year sustainability strategy for 2015 to 2020 has been developed with assistance from our Trust members, staff and stakeholders. It forms the guiding principles and activities the Trust will undertake to reduce its carbon footprint and develop further links to the local health economy to create a more sustainable community.

A management plan has also been prepared with regular reviews undertaken by the Trust’s sustainability development committee, ensuring that our commitments to sustainable development are integrated fully into all services and activities that we deliver. The sustainable development management plan has been approved and progress will be monitored against each of the objectives set out in the strategy.

For more details about the scheme please contact Kirsty Mainds on 01438 284518 or email:

Download our latest sustainable development management plan.