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The reason why we do research is so that we can enhance patient outcome and experience. The following sections maybe of interest to you as they provide local examples of this, they enable you to find out which studies are taking place, let you know how you can donate to support local research and also how you can find out more about the experience of those in research and how research evidence national.

Our research strategy (2016/19) aims to enhance patient experience and outcome through research and innovation. Click here to find out more

Click here to watch interviews with four patients who share their experiences of research at the Trust. 

Public and patient engagement events

The Trust’s research strategy is to enhance patient experience and outcome through research and innovation. Public and patient engagement is a key element of this. This is why we held two public and patient engagement events in September 2016 to explain our research priorities, to discuss these with members of the public and to identify future ways of engagement. A report covering this is available here and you can also view an introductory presentation by clicking here.

The Trust and the University of Hertfordshire held a public and patient engagement event in November 2016 to explore the potential benefits that might arise for patients if the Trust entered into a formal partnership with the University and gained “university status”.

You can view the full report here.

Research Participant surveys

It is important to us at the Trust that we seek and act on feedback from patients who choose to participate in research. We are grateful to those who took part in the surveys. 

You can access the full reports for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 surveys below: 

Patient feedback

Inspirational stories about clinical research

You may be interested to hear real-life stories about clinical research from the perspective of patients, carers and members of the public. Click here to listen to or watch their stories.

Finding out how research affects patient care

If you would like to look at examples of how research evidence can be used to influence national patient care then click here.

You may also want to look at the National Institute for Health and Care Clinical Excellence (NICE) website for further information on research evidence and the use of research evidence to determine availability of treatments. Click here for more details on NICE guidance.

How research has enhanced patient outcome and experience

The following are examples of how research has improved patient outcome and experience at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust,

  • The Renal Team is very research active and run many studies. These have informed the way patients are treated. For example research has resulted in the development of Shared Care space in haemodialysis. Some patients were trained to set up their own dialysis machines in the renal unit, self-needle, put themselves on the machine and take themselves off.
  • The Radiotherapy Team, with support from the Bioengineering, have developed a ‘fixation template device’ for the delivery of high dose radiation (brachytherapy) in prostate cancer treatment.
  • Patients who have Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy were found to have better treatment when compared with patients undergoing Open Radical Prostatectomy and that the cost of treatment was less.

How you can be involved in research at the Trust

If you would like to be involved with research you can find out more via the Clinical Trials Gateway or by speaking with hospital staff.

For studies involving cancer you may also find it useful to visit the Cancer Research UK website. This also provides general information on research and what it means for you.

How you can support research at the Trust

East & North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity aims to make a real, positive impact to patient care. We help our hospitals innovate, improve and provide excellent care.

The charity supports patients, staff and visitors to our four hospitals – Hertford County, Lister, QEII and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. We purchase equipment, fund medical research and undertake refurbishment projects that are in addition to the standard work of the NHS.

We rely on voluntary donations – from individuals and organisations – to fund our work. If you would like more information about the charity, have an idea for a fundraising activity or event, or would simply like some fundraising inspiration, contact a member of the charity team today or visit our website.

How we use your data

Information for the public and patients in relation to the use of personally identifiable data for research to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 is available here.


Useful Info

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