Our strategy

In April 2019 we launched our new five year strategy. We have also launched a new vision for the Trust, which is:

“Proud to deliver high-quality, compassionate care to our community”

The vision clearly and simply lets everyone know why we exist. It is aspirational, inspirational and enduring – it is our constant purpose and objective.

Our strategy was developed with engagement from our staff, patients and partners, throughout 2018/19 and consists of five strategic priorities which provide a framework to help the Trust meet the needs of the community, and the challenges faced by the local health and care system over the next five years.

These strategic priorities are: 

  • Quality – We deliver high-quality, compassionate services consistently across all our sites.
  • People – We create an environment which retains staff, recruits the best and develops an engaged, flexible and skilled workforce.
  • Pathways – We develop pathways across care boundaries, where this is in the best interests of patients.
  • Ease of Use – We redesign and invest in our systems and processes to provide a simple and reliable experience for our patients, their referrers, and our staff.
  • Sustainability – We provide a portfolio of services that is financially and clinically sustainable in the long term.

Our strategic priorities are underpinned by our values and a series of enabling strategies including the people, quality, finance and estates strategies.