Information Governance

What is information governance?

Information governance (IG) is about how we look after our information. It ensures necessary safeguards for, and appropriate use of, patient and personal information.

Confidentiality and why we collect information about you

When you are receiving care from a member of our staff they keep records about your health and the treatment you receive. Our staff may write down this information (manual record) or put it on a computer (electronic record). The information is kept to help us care for you and to help us treat you if we need to see you again.

You can find out more information on confidentiality, why we collect information about you and how we keep our records secure, in our patient information leaflet.

Confidentiality of your records patient information leaflet

Accessing your medical records

If you are being, or have been, treated by us you can apply to view your medical records.

How do I view my medical records?

External assessment

Our information governance (IG) procedures are externally assessed by Connecting for Health to make sure we are keeping our information safe. Each year we are assessed against the IG toolkit, which covers 45 measures in the following six sections:

  • IG management
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • Information security
  • Clinical information assurance
  • Secondary use
  • Corporate information assurance

To become a foundation trust we have to show that we have good IG processes in place.

Senior information risk owner

Our deputy chief information officer, Anthony Lundrigan, is our board-level senior information risk owner.