You said, we did

On each of our wards, you’ll find a poster showing the results of our patient surveys and what our patients think about the care they received on the ward. The boards are updated each month with patients’ comments about their experience in hospital which includes what we’re doing well and where we can do better.

We listen to patient feedback and we make sure that we act on suggestions and concerns.  Below are a selection of patient comments and what we’re doing to improve things for our patients.

‘You said, we did’ in August 2017

Ward name You said We did
Short Stay Unit (Lister)
“The day room is a bit uncomfortable.” We have added some more comfortable chairs for the day room.
 Ward 9B, Lister “We need more tea rounds.” We currently have two tea rounds in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at night. Patients are welcome to ask staff if they need additional hot drinks.
Ward 11B, Lister
“The angle of the bed was uncomfortable.” All our hospital beds have patient controls, which can be used to adjust the settings for your comfort. Staff are happy to assist with this if required.
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre
“The car park office is too far away and it’s difficult to get there.” We now have a more central point to the centre to make it convenient for patients to collect car park tokens at the Lynda Jackson Information Point.
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre
“Printed appointment lists have very small writing and are often printed on a dark background which makes it very hard to read.” A new format of appointment lists has been designed. It is printed in a larger font with no dark background, making it easier to read.

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