You said, we did

On each of our wards, you’ll find a poster showing the results of our patient surveys and what our patients think about the care they received on the ward. The boards are updated each month with patients’ comments about their experience in hospital which includes what we’re doing well and where we can do better.

We listen to patient feedback and we make sure that we act on suggestions and concerns.  Below are a selection of patient comments and what we’re doing to improve things for our patients.

‘You said, we did’ in October 2015

Ward name You said We did
Short Stay Unit (Lister)
“We would like to be able to talk to a nurse when we come to visit.” Ensure that a senior nurse manager is always on the ward during visiting times. We offer Matron open day sessions so relatives/carers can arrange a time to talk with the Matron.
 Swift Ward (Lister) “A water cooler is needed for patients (and staff!).” A new water cooler has been ordered for the ward.
Acute Medical Unit (Lister)
“We would like to be able to watch TV as we feel very isolated in the side rooms.” The Friends of Lister Hospital have funded the purchase of TVs for all side rooms on AMU.

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