Compliments and Suggestions

We always welcome feedback on our services and patient care.

You can send your suggestions and compliments to our chief executive, Nick Carver. Please write to:

The Chief Executive
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
Lister hospital

Or email:

Comment online on NHS Choices

You can post a message on NHS Choices about your experience at our hospitals. We respond to every comment and make sure that our staff get to see what people have to say about the care and services the Trust provides. There’s no cost to do this and it can also help other people who may be coming to one of our hospitals – either as a patient or visitor.

To post a comment on one of our hospitals please click on the name of the hospital below:
Hertford County
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Use social media to give feedback

If you’re a Facebook or Twitter user, you can use these to give us feedback.
Facebook page for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
Facebook page for the Lister Hospital
Facebook page for the QEII Hospital
Follow the Trust on Twitter

Concerns and complaints

If you are unhappy with your experience, please talk to our PALS team about your concerns or make a complaint, so we can improve our services:
PALS team

Patients & Visitors