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The Centre was opened in 1985 with funds obtained through public appeal. Dr Paul Strickland, who was then the Director of Oncological Services at Mount Vernon Hospital, masterminded the appeal.

Today the Centre operates as a charity and provides CT, MRI and PET/CT scans to the NHS using the latest technology. The charitable funds are used to provide the scanners and to fund some of the research carried out at the Scanner Centre.

The Centre is run by Claire Strickland, the chief executive, who is accountable to the board.

The Centre offer general practitioners (GPs) open access to a range of MRI investigations and performs routine CT and MRI examinations within 3 weeks of receipt of the referral. Depending on the clinical priority, urgent examinations are carried out on the same day or within 24 hours of the referral. PET/CT examinations are carried out within 2 weeks.

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