Supervisors of midwives

Our supervisors of midwives are a group of midwives who support and promote safe, high quality midwifery care for women and babies. They work with midwives to support your choices.

How can supervisors of midwives help you?

  • We offer support and guidance to women using our services
  • We encourage the involvement of women and their families in the planning of maternity services
  • We work in partnership with midwives and women to explore options in maternity care
  • We will listen to concerns and offer an unbiased and impartial view to enable you to make decisions

Who are supervisors of midwives?

Supervisors of midwives are experienced midwives who have undertaken additional education and training for this role. They are appointed and supported by the Local Supervising Authority and are not managed by the Trust.

How can you contact a supervisor of midwives?

You should contact our supervisors of midwives if you are having any concerns about working with the Trust team to agree your birthing choices.

Our supervisor of midwives can be contacted 24 hours a day via the Lister hospital switchboard 01438 314333.


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Useful Info

For more information on supervisors of midwives

Local Supervising Authority website
Nursing and Midwifery Council website

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