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The resource site for children/young people with ADHD/ADD in East and North Hertfordshire, as well as parts of Bedfordshire.

ADHD services

ADHD Services are provided by specialist neurodevelopmental paediatricians, child psychiatrists and ADHD specialist nurses who regularly assess, diagnose, treat and manage children/young people with ADHD/ADD.

Meet our ADHD specialist team

North Hertfordshire – consultant paediatricians

Dr Susan Ozer (Yarney) ADHD clinical lead
01438 737773 (Sec.)
Dr Kemi Adejare Clinical director
01438 737776 (Sec.)
Dr Nivedita Bajaj 01438 737775(Sec.)
Dr Karpigam Swaminathan 01438 737778 (Sec.)
Dr Sharmishtha Sarkar 01438 737752 (Sec.)

ADHD nurse specialist (Danestrete CDC)

Michelle Atherton ADHD nurse line  01438 737750

Please note that Michelle Atherton works Monday to Friday.

East Hertfordshire – consultant paediatricians

Dr Inyang Takon Consultant paediatrician/ADHD clinical lead
01438 288341 (Sec.)
Dr Alex Galloway Consultant paediatrician
01438 288348

ADHD Nurse Specialist

Ruth Beets ADHD nurse line 01438 288347

Hope you find our resources useful.

Best Wishes,

Dr Susan Ozer (Yarney)

Consultant community paediatrician/ADHD co-lead

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

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Our contact details:

ADHD Service (North Hertfordshire)
Child Development Centre
Danestrete, Stevenage, SG1 1HB
Fax: 01438 781470

Hertford Clinic (East Hertfordshire)
Joint CAMHS/Paediatric ADHD Service
Hertford County Hospital,
North Road,
Hertford SG14 1LP

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