The Trust’s chaplaincy team is made up of chaplains and volunteers. We are available to support patients, along with their families and carers, during their time in hospital. We also offer staff support on request. We are working constantly to build on our relationships with a variety of faith and belief communities, and to build on the diversity of what we can offer. In our team we have chaplains who are Church of England, Roman Catholic, Elim Pentecostal and Muslim. Our chaplains also have contacts with other faith communities locally. The team provides a listening ear to anyone who wants to talk, whatever your belief or worldview. A chaplains’ role is to listen and support, rather than to judge.

There are chapels at the Lister and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, which offer a place of quiet tranquility where patients, visitors and staff of any faith and none are welcome. There are prayer leaflets and resources from a variety of faith traditions, and some books of poetry. There is often music playing in the chapels, and we hope everyone can access their peace. We also have Muslim Prayer Rooms at both the Lister and Mount Vernon, and a multi-faith room at the New QEII. Jewish staff and visitors can make use of our Quiet Room at the Lister to keep Sabbath.

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Find out more in our chaplaincy leaflet.

What we do

  • We provide a listening ear, allowing people to reflect on their experiences
  • Offer emotional care, being there so the patient is comforted, supported and ‘held’, so that they don’t feel alone
  • We treat people with dignity, respecting the individual as a whole person
  • Provide an outlet to express loss, fear, anger and sorrow
  • Regular visits to patients on wards
  • Respond quickly to emergency call-outs to patients who are dying, those in distress or when there has been a death in the hospital
  • Respond to the needs of people with different values, beliefs and lifestyles

Spiritual care

Spiritual needs are matters relating to the meaning and quality of life and the ultimate question of life and death. It can be said that everyone has spiritual needs but not necessarily religious ones. Spirituality is about the things going on inside us: how we make sense of life and what makes us tick. It may involve questions about meaning, values, hope, love and things beyond the physical boundaries of life.

For many people these questions are answered by their religion or beliefs. However not everyone expresses their spirituality through a particular faith, so spiritual care is not only for people of faith, but also for those who don’t follow a particular tradition.

Religious support

For those who practise a religious faith, it can be tremendously helpful to have religious support available during a hospital stay. Chaplains provide the following services both in the chapel and at the bedside:

  • Prayer
  • Holy communion
  • Anointing
  • Emergency baptisms
  • Naming and blessing services for babies
  • Arrangements for emergency weddings/ renewal of marriage vows
  • Contact and liaison with local leaders of all major faith group on your behalf, where requested
  • Support for your faith needs being respected
  • Access to religious literature (such as the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita)

Contact a chaplain

We are always pleased to visit anyone referred to us – and not only patients, but their families and our own staff too.  We offer a 24-hour on-call service across the Trust.

Referrals are either classed as urgent (to be seen quickly) or non-urgent.  For all requests, staff can contact the chaplaincy team via a pager by ringing the hospital switchboard (01438 314 333) and asking for the duty chaplain.  Please let us know if you require the Roman Catholic duty chaplain.

You can also email the chaplaincy team:



Useful Info

We offer a 24 hour on call service. Referrals are either classed as urgent (to be seen quickly) or non-urgent. Staff can contact the chaplaincy team via pager by ringing the hospital switchboard (01438 314 333) and asking for the duty chaplain.

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