Council of Governors

What is the Council of Governors?

When we become an NHS foundation trust, for the first time we will be formally answerable to the public through a Council of Governors. The Council of Governors will be made up of 38 governors:

  • 20 public governors from 7 constituencies
  • 6 staff governors from 4 classes
  • 12 appointed governors from a variety of partnership organisations

Our public and staff governors will be elected by members of the constituency or class group they serve.

Appointed governors will be nominated by their organisation to sit on the council.

Our new governance structure

As a member you will have a number of governors representing your interests on the Council of Governors.

These people will act as your voice to influence the Board of Directors on priorities for health in your area.

Find out who represents you.

What does a governor do?

It is the role of a governor to speak up on behalf of the members/organisation they represent on the Council of Governors

The role of the governor is also to be an ambassador for the Trust in the community they live in or organisation they work for.

Think you want to be a governor?

Register your interest in becoming a governor and receive information about the role.