What’s involved?

Medicine and adult nursing: You will be allocated a 3-hour shift on a ward for a 15-week period  where you will help staff with meal service.

Midwifery:  You will be allocated a 3-hour shift on the maternity wards for a 15 week period where you will gain a broad knowledge of the running of a busy maternity unit.

Meal service is an extremely important part of the day and everyone from the housekeeper to the nursing team will be involved. From completing menu cards to delivering the meals, opening packages, cutting up food, to feeding patients, your help is invaluable. There is a choice of three shifts – breakfast, lunch and supper.

In spending time talking to patients and staff, you will have an opportunity to improve your communication skills, to learn about multi-disciplinary working and understand the reality of medicine, nursing and midwifery as a career.
Medicine placements only: Towards the end of your placement there may be an opportunity for you to shadow a consultant  for half a day.  You will need to apply to do this at week 12 of your programme.    Each student that applies for a shadowing day will be offered one date at the convenience of the consultant.

At the end of your programme  you will be given a letter which will outline you duties and the dates you have been with us.  This is a useful piece of evidence for your UCAS application.

Our organisational values extend to our student programme and you will see how they fit in with the day to day operation of the hospital.
Our core values are:















Due to the limited number of places we can offer, we regret that we are unable to support any further education courses where placement is a requirement of the course. Find out more about the application process for:

Medicine and nursing placements
Midwifery placements