Trust’s maternity team gets £186,000 to upgrade Lister’s maternity wards

Following bids submitted to the Department of Health from around the country to a new £25 million maternity fund, the Trust has been given £185,754 to upgrade its two maternity inpatient wards at the Lister. The funding covers:

  • Refurbishment of existing bathrooms on the antenatal and postnatal wards to provide wet rooms that support easy access for mothers, as well as providing toilet facilities for partners – which are not available currently;
  • Provision of recliner chairs for birth partners in ward areas, making it a more comfortable place for them to stay;
  • Helping women with higher risk pregnancies to have a normal birth through the use of new birthing stools and other equipment to encourage active birth positions;
  • Purchase of baby cots that are adjustable in height in order to support early bonding, and promote continued skin-to-skin contact between mother and child, which also aids breast feeding.

Commenting on the news the Trust’s head of midwifery, Christine Bell, said:

“With our brand new £16.4 million Diamond Jubilee Maternity Unit having just been opened, we were not sure whether or not any bid would be successful. But we also knew that our two existing maternity wards, which now only look after those mothers need to stay a few days in hospital following the birth of their babies, needed refurbishing.

“Which is why we were delighted to learn that our £186,000 funding bid to refurbish both wards had been granted. The work will take place on the wards over the coming months and when finished, it will help bring both up to same high standard as the rest of our maternity service – which is great news for our mothers who stay with us for a few days whilst they or their babies need such care and attention.

“We believe our bid was successful because of how we involved our mothers and their partners in providing the evidence as to what improvements they wanted to see that would improve even further people’s experiences of using our maternity services. Whilst the majority of the £186,000 will be spent on refurbishing ourGloucester and Dacre wards, some of the funding will support our birthing facilities –for example new birthing stools that help women have a better chance of giving birth normally.

“We’ve also used this opportunity to act on feedback from women’s partners, many of
whom spend long periods on our wards. The funding will allow us to provide dedicated toilet facilities for their use, as well as special reclining chairs next to their partner’s beds that will provide them with a more comfortable experience.”

The Trust was one of 10 NHS organisations across Eastern England to be granted funding from the Department of Health £25 million maternity fund. This news comes just six months after Her Majesty The Queen opened officially the £16.4 million Diamond Maternity Unit at the Lister in June 2012 as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.