Lister scores better than national NHS average for most patient-led inspection results

The Lister has scored above the national NHS average for the majority of categories in this year’s annual patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE), which took place during May 2016 and was published recently by NHS Digital.

The hospital was assessed by a PLACE team, which included members of the public and Healthwatch Hertfordshire, in five categories, with the quality of the Lister’s food, how people with disabilities are supported and the condition, appearance and maintenance of its buildings performing best out of the six categories reviewed. Improvements were also seen in standards of cleanliness.

Categories inspected

2016 PLACE scores (out of 100%)


National average




Food (including organisation and ward food)



Privacy, dignity and well-being



Condition, appearance and maintenance









Compared to the previous year, the results also saw improved performance for how patients with dementia are cared for, as well as the overall privacy dignity and well-being of all patients at the Lister.  The scores in these areas improved by some 5.5% and 14% respectively, although this was not quite enough to take them over the average score achieved by the NHS nationally.

Reflecting on the 2016 results, the Trust’s director of nursing, Angela Thompson, said:

“The Trust is extremely pleased with the results from our recent PLACE inspection at the Lister and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre last May, with many of our scores faring better than the national average – especially at the Lister. Both sites also saw major improvements when looking at their corresponding results from 2015.

“This very positive achievement reflects the hard work of all of our teams, both clinical and non-clinical, in working together to ensure that our patients continue to receive high quality care at all times. Whilst there is still more work to be done, these scores show that the Trust is making the necessary improvements and continues to move in the right direction.”