Equality and diversity

Our Trust wants to be a leading organisation for promoting equality and diversity in Hertfordshire. We believe that any modern organisation has to reflect all the communities and people it serves, in both service delivery and employment, and tackle all forms of discrimination. We need to remove inequality and ensure there are no barriers to health and wellbeing.

We believe creating a culture of equality and diversity is the responsibility of everyone in our organisation and we are striving to make this a reality. We want to be an organisation which recognises the contribution of all staff, and which is supportive, fair and free from discrimination

Equality and diversity values

Using the Equality Delivery System (EDS) we have agreed our equality and diversity objectives:

The following objectives are under-pinned by the Trust’s values

  • We put our patients first
  • We strive for excellence and continuous improvement
  • We value everybody
  • We are open and honest
  • We work as a team
  1. To improve the delivery and outcomes of our elderly, maternity and children’s and cancer services.
  2. To improve the quality of information/data on our patients in relation to their protected characteristics and the information we provide to them.
  3. Train and raise general awareness of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights issues with all staff.
  4. Embed Equality into leadership structures across the organisation, ensuring alignment of patient/service user and workforce leadership.


Each year we also produce our equality and diversity annual report which sets out how we are meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).  This report details important information which demonstrates our compliance with the PSED.

Our equality and diversity annual report 2015/16

If you would like to request reports from previous years please email us.

Our equality, diversity and human rights strategy for 2011 – 2014 outlines our commitment to promoting equality, diversity and human rights in our service provision and our employment practices.

Our equality, diversity and human rights strategy
EDS grades April 2012
Equality Delivery System Annual Report
Equality and Delivery System (Progress from March 2012 – March 2013)
Workforce race equality standard
Trust board WRES statement of commitment

Equality impact assessments

When we are making changes to policies, services or functions in our Trust we need to complete an equality impact assessment (EIAs). This is to help us consider the impact any changes may have on different groups and what can be done to reduce discrimination and increase equality.

Below you can find a list of recent equality impact assessments.  If you would like to see full copies of any assessment, please call Anne Wells on 01438 284761.

Equality Impact Assessments August 2012 – November 2013


Useful Info

What does ‘equality and diversity’ actually mean?

Equality - Where everyone has the same fair and equal chance to develop to their full potential

Diversity – Everyone is different and has individual needs